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2024.15 - Life Raft

TLDR: You will not get an invite to Klaus' Ark, but you can buy your own life-raft. The elites know there's a sh*tstorm headed our way ('cause they're causing it). Don't get caught unprotected.
2024.15 - Life Raft


Author, Chief Bugman and WEF mascot Yuval Noah Harari believes the elites will build a technological utopia (a "Noah's Ark") for themselves and leave the rest of us to "drown"

Let's break this down:

  1. Are the elites really doing that?

Yes if we think og this metaphorical "ark" as a work-in-process with separate chunks, some of which already in place. There are reasonably well-documented "conspiracies" of extensive underground military installations, lavish billionaire bunkers are a matter of public record, etc.

"It's a big club and you ain't in it"
—George Carlin
  1. Would they be so callous?

Lol, absolutely.

The elites have an extensive history of fleecing the public for fun and profitand establishing a system with "rules for thee but not for me". Some recent examples include using inside information to rake in illicit profits.

Not just the financiers either. Politician's track-record of insider trading also has a long history.

These people have different struggles than you and I —finding parking spots for their super-yachts is a bitch.

They'll save themselves and won't look back except to see if they're didn't leave something on the table.

  1. Is some sort of "Flood" coming?

Harari is not talking about physical flood —all the elite's misdirection around "Global Warming" notwithstanding. The flood is more likely to be monetary. Specifically, a flood of fiat from nations can no longer hide they have neither the means nor intentions of paying what they owe, so they'll try and print their way out of debt (again). The consequences of this are likely to be chaotic and some of the pros are preparing for it.

It's complicated to assemble a clear, complete picture, but there are plenty of weird and concerning noises coming from the money engine.

You can also count on them doing their best to make you are left holding the bill, a good part of this is making it difficult for you to escape the broken system.

But more and more people are waking up to this reality and choosing to store their wealth outside the system.

If you missed it, here is an unexpected victory speech from Renato Moicano after winning his latest fight:

You may not get a ticket to the new "Noah's Ark" but you can definitely buy a ticket to a lifeboat, you should hurry and save your seat before they figure out there won't be room for everyone.

Bitcoin News

ETF with Chinese Characteristics

ETF for BTC has just been approved in Hong Kong, it has one very notable characteristic that makes it more attractive than its USA conterparts: in-kind creation and redemption, this should mean you can actually deposit and withdraw your Bitcoin, not just the cash equivalent.

Contrary to the opinion of many, the Hong Kong ETFs will probably be a very big deal.

This is Bad

We've been talking about miner centralization for a few months now, this manifests in different ways. The biggest one being that —despite hashing power being fairly decentralized— the creation of new blocks is largely being done by only a dozen entities or so.

One new fact that came to light is many mining pools are using the same custodian to store their revenues

Ocean Mining is helping fix this. If you are mining you should definitely check them out.


The IMF is trying to strong-arm El Salvador into changing their Bitcoin-ways. Let's hope El Salvador sticks to its guns.


In another LatAm win, Paraguay has decided to take a second look at selling its surplus hidroelectric energy to miners instead of exporting to Brazil on the cheap.


The next generation of Bitcoin-shitcoinery will be something called Runes, it's not something worth looking at IMO, but you should be aware that they'll probably be clogging up the chain (causing transaction fees to rise), so this would be a good time to consolidate any small UTXOs you may have lying around.


The first(?) BTC fiction novel just hit the stores, I hope it'll be the first of many.

Krypto News

"Crypto" can be lethal to your portfolio

New Here?

If you are just getting started with Bitcoin and Crypto, you'd be excused for thinking the two safe bets are BTC and ETH.

You'd be wrong.

Mind you, ANY shitcoin crypto—including ETH— can pump and make you money (if you have great luck with timing), but you should not believe the hype around them.

If you'd like to understand why, Isabella made a good primer on the origins of Ethereum:

Ethereum has not been feeling great since Ordinals/Inscriptions appeared in Bitcoin.

Maybe the new Hong Kong ETF will give ETH a desperately needed pump?


Mr. Bananas may be rich, but he's a scammer at heart.

Fiat News

Borrow Spend

This is the formula the US government is using. It cannot end well.

Reminds me of the saying: "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging", but they won't be the ones paying for it so it's full steam ahead.


The consumer is feeling the burden of debt on a personal level too.

With mortgages going up briskly

It's not surprising the appetite for mortgages has collapsed.

Wild Ride

One of the signs "we're not in Kansas anymore" is the divergence between Gold and bonds.

To hear Costco's numbers, it seems retail has an appetite for the shiny rock.

Still, despite its obvious appeal as a hard asset, most "Professionals™" are not keen on adding gold to portfolios.

So what's driving Gold's surge? Luke Gromen thinks China —who has been buying gold for 16 months in a row— is using the oil trade to reprice gold.

Last week, gold was looking like it was headed for the moon, right before it was nuked out of orbit by the US markets.

Dystopian News

I Spy

The surveillance state is being ushered in under false pretenses.


This is a perfect example of why I don't recomment the BTC ETF except for special cases. One of BTC's strong points is censorship resistance, which is completely forfeit in an ETF.

Price News


As news broke of Iran attacking Israel, the price of BTC nuked. Regardless of short term action, these are great prices to buy before BTC blasts off to its next price-discovery phase.

Bitcoin Surfing

BTC fell off the Board ($67.3k) last week, I don't know if it will regain its footing this month. The monthly chart suggests it won't.

Dip Fishing

Did you place your order around $65k like I suggested last week? I hope you did. You may get another chance this week if you didn't. I'm not sure if I'm bold enough to suggest an order around $60k, if the scare of WWIII didn't take us there I don't want to know what would.

Calm Chart

April now in the Red. It would have to stay that way to appease the charting gods. With the halving imminent, it's bound to be an exciting close.